Chairman Message

Chairman Message

Dear customers, employees and partners

I am proud to be a member of mohammed ali AlSwailem co (MASCO), witnessing the continuous growth of the company since its inception in 1984. We have great plans for more growth during the years to come, thanks to thousands of dedicated staff, a huge fleet of equipment and strong determination to be one the fastest growing EPC contractors In the Arabian Gulf region.

Our labor force is our greatest asset and we are committed to their continuous improvement and welfare. We are also an integral part of our local communities and we are proud to be delivering sustainable projects for the welfare of the living in our communities.

While we are focusing on our core business in highways, railway and infrastructure construction, we are diversifying our construction activities into energy and environmental industries through partnering with strategic international partners.

Standing firm on the verge of a new era of mega growth of the construction industry in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf countries, MASCO remains committed to contributing to the national and regional economy, to raising corporate vale based on creative ideas, and sharing the fruits of such efforts with clients and shareholders.

God bless you,

Abdulrahman Alswailem