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Al Rayadah Investment Company awarded the contract to MASCO, for Infrastructure construction works at Obhur Al-Janoubia Housing Project in Jeddah

Al Rayadah Investment Company, the investment arm of the Public Pension Agency, has awarded the contract to MASCO for Infrastructure construction works for Obhur Al-Janoubia Housing Project in Jeddah.


The scope of work for MASCO consists of:

Infrastructure Development of Jeddah Housing Complex in Obhur – North of Jeddah including;

Earthworks, Civil works for Site Development including Road works, Sidewalks.

Asphalt Pavements.

Utilities including Water, Drainage & Sewage Distribution Network.

Mechanical Works & services,

Electrical works including Light Poles.

Irrigation works.


The Total area of the project is nearly 2.5 million m².


The project has been designed according to the latest standards and specifications, as it is located on the way to Madinah in front of the north terminal of King Abdul-Aziz International Airport.