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Minister of Transport: Network of intersections will link between the Sports City and Jeddah

The Minister of Transport Dr. Jabara bin Eid Suraiseri, that the ministry is currently implementing a network of roads and intersections to connect the city of King Abdullah Sports in Jeddah, including the establishment and development of five junctions key to both through Rapid City and through the Holy. 


Among Suraiseri that the ministry is currently implementing a number of intersections, are (the intersection of sail and the intersection of Hall of pilgrims and the intersection of the north lounge) on the road to Medina, and (the intersection of King Abdullah City Sports and the intersection of Asfan) on the road Haramain, where the number of bridges covered by these intersections 14 , in addition to four bridges the valleys, and the excesses of the quantities of reinforced concrete work for these bridges and necessary complementary works (185,000 m3).


The Minister of Transport confirmed that this project and when completed, God willing, you will achieve a direct link to the city of King Abdullah Sports on the road to Medina and through the Holy entry and exit, in addition to service projects that are located north, west and south of King Abdul Aziz International Centre for Prince Sultan civilization project of the Ministry of Housing The project King Faisal Specialist Hospital and the housing project of the Foundation for retirement in addition to the direct link to the urban areas east through the Holy with a road-Haramain and through Medina, which would directly benefit in facilitating traffic to all neighborhoods Urban located north and west of King Abdul Aziz International Airport and east through the Holy and South intersection Asfan.