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Saudi ARAMCO awarded the contract to MASCO for Design, Engineering, Installation of Pipeline Leak Detection and Corrosion Monitoring System.

Saudi ARAMCO awarded the contract to Mohammed A. Al Swailem Co. (MASCO) for the Design, Engineering, Installation of Pipeline Leak Detection System (LDS) and Corrosion Monitoring System (CMS), at the Southern and Northern areas of the Eastern Province to enhance safety and performance of pipeline operations.


There are 12 different Main areas namely Shedqum, Ain Dar, Abqaiq, Hawyah, Uthmaniyah, Udaailiyah, Harad, Dhahran, Qatif, Ras Tanoura, Berri, Tanajeeb in the Eastern province and 69 sub areas to install shelters to accommodate the field site processors and modems and many electrical equipment belong to the  two control systems,


The project shall provide for a high performance leak detection system which shall

be installed in the existing “above ground” sour gas pipelines & shall  provide for a  real-time  corrosion  monitoring  system,  which  shall be installed for the existing “above ground” sour liquid service pipelines.


The construction also consists of around 100 km of trenches to install the fiber , power, and instrumentation cables.

There are very serious mechanical works to be accomplished in this Project such as the hot tapping. As per contract, 91 hot tap points need to be done on live pipelines without shutdown.


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