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Infrastructures & Water

The Infrastructures & Water Projects Department in MASCO combine most of expertise and resources needed to give an upscale with sophisticated professional industrial and residential infrastructure projects.

Different systems are needed to build a solid infrastructure projects such as water, sewage transmitting networks, storage tanks, water & waste water treatment plants as well as pumping station, streets lighting, electrical substations, power & signals control system, earthmoving as well as rock cutting or explosion, asphalt roads and streets with curbstones, tiles , signboards, street signals, and irrigation and planting.

MASCO’s Vision is to be a leading contracting company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a Main Target market and in GCC region as the main prospective Markets.


Building hotels, hospitals, colleges is MASCO's specialty with all what involved in architectural, structural finishing and interiors designs works as well as Electromechanical and BMS that is all done with most advanced management tools.

In addition, MASCO has the high caliber management team and a  skilled workforce  capable of Residential, Commercial and Institutional Buildings.

Highways & Bridges

Was the first division started by the company since 1984.

MASCO continues to invest heavily in this sector, through massive expansion in terms of  its human resources, their equipments and fleet of more than 1000 different equipments and plants to serve the roads and bridges construction industry.

MASCO has also successfully extended their roots in railroad construction industry, since 2009.

Operation, Maintenance and outsourcing

MASCO has a long and strong experience in road and highway maintenance, MASCO meanwhile is also having water, waste water and pumping station O&M projects.

MASCO's Vision for O&M activities is to expand it and tackle fields of oil and gas industrial projects.


MASCO has recently diversified in the Outsourcing Services offering a group of services in the field of Manpower supply and operations and maintenance service for Public buildings and facilities, Military buildings and facilities, University buildings and facilities, Medical and non-medical maintenance, Airports and Seaports, Banks & Financial Institutions .

We also provide high caliber staff at all levels viz; Admin staff, Technical & specialized staff and Managerial level staff.

Industrial & Contracting

MASCO I&C division was primarily to carry out in-house business subcontracts, in both building and waste and water treatments plants. Gradually, it became an independent profit center of the group encountered by opportunities outside the MASCO's business. In 2006, A separate company was formed by the name (Control System Technology Company)- Systech, to be the Electro-mechanical arm of the group.

Systech areas of specially involved Electrical & Mechanical of Building, water technology, Electrical & Instrumentation, Electrical Panel Board manufacturing, Industrial Control Solutions, Building Management System and SCADA. Systech is one of the Pioneer company specialized in electrical and industrial control manufacturing solution provides for oil and gas Industries.

Concrete Batching Plants

MASCO by its nature of business has a strong relation with aggregate, sand, cement which form the most essential sources of producing concrete, had been integrated to establish series of concrete batching plants in different locations across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. MASCO recently has expanded its production of concrete from supplying its own business to producing commercial quantities for the construction Market.

MASCO believes that it is the right time to go to market taking into consideration the huge demand of concrete across the Kingdom both for private and public projects.

Meanwhile, MASCO has its new facility operating in Jizan to supply mega projects that are lunched around the region. Other successfully built plants has been operating  in Riyadh, Jizan, Dawadmi and Jeddah.


MASCO's Transportation Division Owns and operate a large fleet of trailers. All trailers are brand new model 2006 & 2007 series. Transportation Division supports MASCO's contracting projects by different applications. These supply  required raw materials such as embankment material, cement, crushed aggregate and Bitumen. In addition, Transportation Division operate as an independent business unit  which generate revenue by doing business with other customers.